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Acne Treatment

No matter where you are in your acne journey, Skinolagy is dedicated to helping you achieve clear, healthy skin. Our comprehensive consultations delve deep into understanding your skin goals, allowing us to develop a personalized regimen and treatment plan tailored specifically for you. Take the first step towards clearer skin with Skinolagy.


Discover the 3 Easy Steps to Clear, Healthy Skin the Holistic Way

Benefit from our program's impressive success rate of over 90% for those who adhere to it.

Tratamiento contra el acné


Acne First Treatment

A Sensitivity Skin Test will be taken to discover which products and treatment your skin can tolerate. This assessment helps tailor your skin regimen, ensuring that the chosen products are effective and safe for your skin.

$125, 1hr


Acne Treatment

You will receive treatments every two or four weeks for 3-4 months. Acne treatment will include a hydrating treatment with extractions and/or a peel with extractions including LED light therapy. Treatments once or twice a month are necessary so that I can provide you with extractions to accelerate the healing process and aid in the removal of surfacing acne.

$85, 1hr (Follow-up visits)


Regular Check-Ins

Regular treatment after your skin is clear is optional, but is highly recommended. Regular visit can be as often as every 4-6weeks or up to 3 months.

You worked hard to get clear, and you deserve to stay clear. Remember, acne is never cured, only controlled.


Price varies depending on treatment.

Lisa received her Acne Certification through an intense training program developed by Laura Cooksey, an Acne Specialist who studied and worked with Dr. James E Fulton, M.D., Ph.D., one of the most renowned acne experts in the world. The program offers over 90% success rate for clearing acne for those that adhere to the program. The majority of clients participating in this program will clear in three to four months depending on the type and severity of their acne. Many clients see improvement in as little as four to six weeks.

Acne back treatment

Acne Back First Treatment $125

Follow up visits $85

You will receive treatments every 2 weeks(3-4 treatments only) for 1-2 months to accelerate the healing process and aid in the removal of surfacing acne.

Products range from $100-$150 and need to be purchase on the day of visit.

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